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Dr. "Bubbles" Goodheart* hails from Southern California. She is a fun, quirky, but relatively serious female who prefers a good book and cup of coffee to a night out at the bars, both of which she claims are very hard to find these days—the book and the coffee that is. When she's not working or spending time with her husband, she is usually doing research, writing, or working on her second degree. She admits she is an obsessive compulsive learner: with a B.A. and M.A. under her belt, she is hoping to start her PhD program in 2008.

In her spare time Dr. Goodheart enjoys reading and writing. She hopes to eventually publish her own work, particularly a novel, novella, or novelette, a dream she concedes she finds rather challenging with her currently hectic schedule.

Pen and paper aside, Dr. Goodheart also enjoys tying her hair back and working up a sweat, be it physical sports or the more meditative forms like Yoga, Pilates, and ballet. She admits she is inconsistent with her vitamins, probably doesn't drink enough water, and eats gluttonously- things she knows she probably shouldn't do. Still, Dr. Goodheart enjoys living healthy, and hopes to encourage fellow Flirting.commers to do the same. Be on the lookout for advice on healthy, happy living in her new segment "Heath & Happiness"hopefully to be aired around Thanksgiving (just in time for the holidays and all things gravy and pumpkin pie!).

Dr. Goodheart specializes in the love department, helping people solve their personal (relationship) crises for several years now. She currently teamed up with to serve as a personal advisor for all potential web surfers out there in "Internet Land" who may have a question they're just dying to ask- be it about flirting, singledom, relationship crises, etc. As to her role on, Goodheart stated:

"I think it's great that women in the 21st century have so much more freedom to be open about relationship and intimacy issues. That women can ask about sex, relationship, and love advice is liberating, and I am proud to help when and how I can with helping women continue to seek healthy, respectful relationship. I also think its equally fascinating that men are able to be more open in today's culture, also seeking relationship and personal advice because, in the 21st century, the advent of online dating and forums suddenly deconstructs notions of masculinity—its ok for men to be vulnerable, and to need help; that too is remarkable."

You can contact Dr. Goodheart via email:

Send Dr. Goodheart your questions, concerns, anecdotes, etc. concerning the musings of flirting and love and she will be more than happy to post a response on the message board in the Flirting Advice section of the site. She also writes a blog concerning musings about love, singles, and all things flirting: check out Dr. Goodheart's main index for more.

So if you have any question at all that you would like to have answered write Dr. Goodheart and see what she has to say. If you've recently emailed Dr. Goodheart, be sure to check the message board frequently to see if your problem has been solved by one of the Internet's and's best, Dr. Goodheart.

*Name is a pseudonym


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