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Fun in the Sun! ... 10 Fun and Healthy Summer Flirting Locales

As May comes to an end, graduation approaches, and summer rounds the corner, there's no better time than now to prep your flirting arsenal!  With gyms running their infamous summer specials, makeup counters offering discounts on summer beauty 'must haves', health stores advertising the latest and greatest in fitness and health supplements. It seems everyone is doing their best to help you put your best face, and body, forward. Still single? What are you waiting for?  Below is a list of's Top 10 Summer Flirting Locales that foster a fun, healthy, flirting lifestyle!


Logically, after spending countless hours working on their bodies, those sexy singles can't wait to show off their results at a place like the beach where contemporary swim suits are versatile enough to flatter any figure - thus instilling that extra confidence boost needed to get out there and initiate a fun, flirty conversation with that prospective Mr./Mrs. Maybe.  Just don't forget your sun block and sunglasses.



During summer months the gym is always a great place to turn for prospective flirtatious singles.  At the gym dozens of sexy single women and men are looking to better their health and their self image not just for themselves, but also for those potentially interested eyes that might catch a glimpse at the hot guy at the weight rack, or the babe on the elliptical, etc.

Likewise, the gym is a social center.  There's a reason people go to gyms: to be around other people.  If everyone wanted to work out on their own, they would buy the equipment and stay at home and gyms would be out of a market.  The truth is gyms are more popular than ever and a great place to take advantage of our natural tendency to socialize, and of course, flirt!



Still following the logic of a healthy, happy single life, the next best place to flirt with singles is the supermarket, specifically mom and pop markets that foster a more social and amicable environment.  So the next time you're sifting through a crate of organic blueberries, don't avoid the eye contact of the hottie looking your way.


The bars are always a great place to flirt, although the later hours are usually packed with a younger crowd that may have a less rigorous professional life (e.g. they don't have to wake up at 6 am and head off to a 10 hour work day).  Happy Hour, on the other hand, is specially formulated for hard working singles who are looking for a place to unwind after a hard day/week at work with other, equally tired, and equally single people.  So the next time you're stressed after work, head to the nearest pub to enjoy the fun flirty atmosphere of a happy hour - just be sure to watch out for those calories!  If you're trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle you may want to limit your drink intake to 1 cocktail or a lite beer - it'll be enough to take the edge off without packing on the pounds or impairing your driving.


Especially for you younger singles, if apartment living is more your pace take advantage of potential amenities like the pool.  Water is a natural social stomping ground, especially at apartments who sport "resort style" pools, you are bound to find dozens of people socializing poolside during those hot summer months.  In fact, though the weekends are obviously the most popular prospect, even weekdays boast a substantial pool scene with plenty of fun flirty singles waiting for their night shifts.  So grab your towel and leave the iPod at home - you're going to need full access to your ears for all those flirty singles trying to strike up a conversation!


Obviously there's no better time to take advantage of vacation days than summer!  When the temperatures rise get in on scheduling a co-ed mini-vacation, even if only for a weekend.  Invite fellow single employees and your longtime buds to a beach front camping trip, or a weekend in the woods.  Or, if you are lucky enough to have more than a weekend off, schedule a week long trip to popular destinations and aim to cut costs by bunking up.  If none of these options sound fun, or affordable, you can always try a road trip - again the coed thing really helps with the flirting factor in confined spaces.  So grab your single guys and gals, and your Mom's mini-van, and watch the sparks fly.


Both your local recreation community and/or junior colleges offer several types of classes for those singles looking to get active and get socializing.  Try enrolling in a painting class, a social dance class, cooking course, or another type of low stress course that 's fun and low key rather than an academic pre-req and you just may find yourself Cha-Cha-ing your way into a smaller pant size and a prospective partner's heart.


The local library is also a great place to look for flirty singles who may prefer a different pace of life.  Still, if your idea of a great date is a good meal, a nice glass of wine, and discussing a great book, then this may be another alternative for the more reserved single looking to flirt.

Another bonus with the library is that, for those who may use the community library as a study ground during the academic year, the summer affords a break from the stressful homework load.  Still, even those who may be taking a summer course or two, generally the warm air, the long days, and the atmosphere of summer tends to have a more relaxing effect.  So, if you see people repeatedly paying visits to the library during the summer, chances are they will be more approachable than other times of the year. 


Ever notice how people often ignore their dogs in exchange for a conversation with their attractive, allegedly single owners? I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the dog park is a prime locale for fun flirty singles looking to show off both themselves and their pedigree preferences.

You can learn a lot about your prospective Mr./Mrs. Based on the type of dog they own.


If they like smaller dogs, (e.g. toy dogs), they may have different personal and professional tastes and goals than someone who loves a big, hairy, slobbery lab.  Use your instincts, and your dog as bait, and then get talking.


No matter the locale, this particular scenario affords the opportunity to gather up fellow same sexed singles and head out to any destination and turn on your flirting charms.  "Strength in numbers"  as they say: group outings, whether it's to the bar, the bowling alley, the cinema, a restaurant, the billiards, or the gym, etc, all help foster a more encouraging and confident environment through which singles can take advantage of potential flirting scenarios.  Another advantage of this situation is that, "group flirting" affords the possibility of wingmen (and women) who can reinforce your flirtatious advances, and likewise, reap benefits (if your target has a single friend).