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Summer Fun Flirting on the High Seas

It's summer: that means hot temperatures, balmy winds, and lots of time for fun in the sun.  Still, if you're single you may be wondering where and how exactly to take advantage of those hard earned vacation days.  Fear not!  One of postmodern America's favorite holiday pastimes is the ocean cruise: free food & board, entertainment, activities, sight-seeing, etc.  Though so many people seem to peg cruises as the "couples" vacation, nowadays cruise lines are working harder than ever to make cruises the ideal vacation destination for fun, flirty singles.  In fact, a lot of cruise lines have even developed cruise packages and itineraries organized specifically around the young-middle aged single. 

But with so many lines to choose from and so many destinations to venture, the stress and anxiety of deciding when and where to go (and on which liner, and which ship, etc.) can be overwhelming.  Thanks to some extensive research I've compiled a few lists which I hope alleviate obvious concerns. Below are answers on how to cruise as a single, which cruise liners offer the best single packages, what lines have the best ships, food, entertainment, etc., and when and where the ideal summer destinations are. 

Enjoy...your sexy, summer singles vacation awaits!



Caribbean: The best months to cruise in the summer are June and July, specifically for tropical cruises that venture to locations such as the Caribbean and Bermuda.  August is renowned for being dubbed "hurricane season" for many cruise destinations so be sure to get your cruise in early.

European, Alaskan, etc:  For Alaskan, Candian, and European cruises your optimal cruising season (and pricing) seems to fall at the beginning and end of summer's peak months: June and July. 

Mexico: May-July. TIP:  If you book early enough in advance, or search online for last minute deals, you can find cruise packages up to 50% off (e.g. a 3 night cruises for as low as $250)!



Obviously your "optimal" summer cruise destinations are the tropics.  Warmer weather seems fitting with warmer climates.  Cruisers can't get enough of these prime summer cruise destinations: Baja Mexico (shorter: 3-4 nights), Mexican Riviera (longer: 5-7 nights), Caribbean (Eastern, Southern, Western: 3-9 nights), and Bermuda (3-7 nights).

Tip: Keep in mind where you are with respect to where your cruises port of call is: e.g. if you live in California but you're taking a Caribbean cruise that docks out of FL, you have to budget in airfare to Florida into your total vacation cost. 


Are you planning on partying your butt off or enjoying some R&R on the high seas?  Is sipping a premium cocktail and enjoying some quality entertainment your thing, or do you imagine a cruise with a 24 hour nightclub that features fun, flirty singles partying away as if they were back in Sin City, NV?  You may want to organize the length of your cruise around your "dream vacation vision."  For those who plan on partying hard, nonstop, and relentlessly, a 3-4 night debacle may be the perfect amount of time to let loose before you crash.  For those "mellow yellows" out there, a 5-7 night cruise offers an extended vision of luxury and lavishness in which you can take advantage of all the ship has to offer at a steadier pace.


Are you a "timid Tammy" that just can't imagine mustering the courage to venture the rolling seas without a companion?  Or are you an all out type of gal/guy that seeks adventure and thrills, regardless if you fly solo or not?  For those of you who may want a wingman to accompany you on your adventure, try getting a friend to come along.  Usually you can get discounted rates for two, which is another incentive for double the trouble once aboard. 


For those of you ready to venture out and try the single cruise lines, consider the following websites that boast ideal singles cruise packages: Features a variety of cruise lengths and destinations for the single cruiser. Features several tropical destination celebration cruises for the everyday single cruiser. 

BONUS: Also features cruising options for those newlyweds looking for a stress free honeymoon getaway! "Meet Online and Onboard."  This site helps singles network before, during, and after their fantastically flirtatious singles cruise.


Once you've decided that a singles cruise is for you and you've done your online research and narrowed down your selection to two or three liners, it's time to make your decision.  Which line do you choose?  Do you want nightlife, ambience, activities, great food?  Below are several categories and the liners that rank top in each.


Budget Cruise: Windjammer "Barefoot" Cruise Line (*casual, historic, and social)

Mid-Priced: Carnival Cruise Line (*known for their copious amount of single cruisers)

Luxury: Crystal Cruise Line (*try the Serenity and Symphony liners)

Best Food: Crystal's Serenity liner and Celebrity Cruise Line

Best Crew/Service: Crystal Cruise Line & Royal Caribbean's Radiance of the Seas

Best Entertainment: Carnival & Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Best Nightlife: Carnival Cruise Lines

Best Itinerary: Crystal & Princess Cruise Lines

Best Lodging/Cabins: Celebrity, Crystal, and Radisson Cruise Lines

So, whether your drinking umbrella-donned cocktails on the Lido deck of the Royal Caribbean as you sail out to Ochos Rios, Jamaica; rock climbing on a Carnival liner that's headed for Cozumel, Mexico; or dressed to the nines for fine dining and sophisticated entertainment on the Celebrity and Crystal lines, a fun, flirty, singles cruise vacation is the ultimate stress free, planning free (thanks to fully organized cruise itineraries) summer vacation awaits!


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