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Dr. Goodheart's Flirting Hints for Dating Success

Get Noticed - Revving Up Your Flirting Factor

Flirting is an art: one that needs practice, precision, and the constant additions of new tricks in the bag.  For those fun and flirty females out there who've recently encountered a slump in their game, consider the following tips to help put pep back in your step.

21st century woman                           
Enough with waiting for the guy to make the move! Girls, it's the 21st century and that means it's time to live by the definitive motto of the 21st Century Woman: initiate.  Instead of waiting for guys to work up the nerve to talk to you disarm them, in a good way, by taking the initiative and making the first move.  Nowadays women are hotter (read: more INTIMIDATING!) than ever with their endless beauty and fashion arsenal. 

Wow your potential man by being the flirting diva that you know you are by stepping up to the plate and then take the first swing.  A few flirty eyelashes, a lick of the lips, some simple conversation, and you're on your way to a homerun with your next hottie!

Not single?
For those of you not-so-single females, remember that initiation means "first move," not " first date."  If you and your beau have recently settled down into the post-honeymooners funk, spice things back up by taking the initiative both in and out of the bedroom.  Be bold, be beautiful, be daring and adventurous - be feminine, and be you!  You'll be surprised how quickly you'll rev back up your love life.

Mystery = Magic                              
Single or otherwise, there's nothing to help ramp up the flirt factor like adding a little mystery to the affair. With men it's all about "intrigue."  Pique a man's interest by planning a mystery date: mystery locale, mystery course, mystery post-date plans, mystery desert (getting the picture?) all the intriguing allure of what is to be helps heighten the flirtatious tension between you and either Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now both before and during the date. 

With a little mystery in the air, nothing but love can follow.  Just remember to keep your "mysterious" liaisons in perspective: keep things open and honest in the communication department and leave the mystery to your date planning skills and you'll be fine.

Spice it up 
Whether single or taken, to help put the 'umph' back where it's needed (in the love department) spice things up by planning for future flirting ventures.  For example: make suggestive comments about all the fun uses that whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and cherries have besides making the perfect sundae.  Or, promise your guy a fashion show the upcoming night-to help him decide which swimsuit/lingerie outfit looks best on you of course! Make tantalizing suggestions and sweet promises of what's in store for your man and you'll have him counting down the seconds until he's rewarded his little, albeit highly anticipated "treat." 

Get Physical                                           
That's right! Nothing gets a man's hormones going like a little down home physical competition.  To peak endorphins, testosterone, and sexual tension, outline a competition that has you two faux fighting your way to the finish line (which, if you're smart, is somewhere in the bedroom).  Remember to provide incentives for winning and punishments (gentle or otherwise) for losing.  Out of his natural desire to win, and his loathing to lose (especially to a girl), you'll have your man all revved up and ready for a little competitive one-on-one wrestling, both in and out of the sheets, quicker than you can count to ten!

Martha Stewart Mimicry                     
For a more romantic, and pampered version of your flirting game, turn up the 'S' factor, as in 'spoiling your man'.  Do the whole Martha Stewart thing, start with breakfast in bed for two, follow with a romantic stroll through the garden, then a surprise gift (hand wrapped like a Martha Stewart's finest), add a foot massage, and some R&R for two the whole day long.  When your man, whether he's long-term or new to your charms, finds a spotless abode for pampering (and pamper him you will) he won't be able to help but melt in your hands. 

Whether you're putting on the apron or planning on getting down and dirty, whichever one of these flirting tactics you choose will only help guarantee success in the 'L' department.  It's time to get noticed for the fun, fearless, flirty female that you are, so it's time to take the initiative and make them boys turn their heads!