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Intimate Files: Spicing Up The Sex Life
Tips on how to keep things hot and steamy all year long

As it closes in on winter, one can't help but think of all things warm and fuzzy, like hot chocolate, fireplaces, and snuggling in bed with your honey. But, when all is said and done, there can only be so much snuggling before one's significant other gets bored with waiting for spicier nights ahead. Whether it's spring, or winter, passion can't go dormant for too long or honey just may high tail it in another direction. These sexy secrets can help rescue in-danger relationships from too many nights of hot…chocolate. Prepare to wow your significant other like never before.

Heat Things Up:

* OBVIOUS: Use the magic of friction to turn your partner on. Rub your palms together and use the heat generated to perform a relaxing massage—aim for the thighs (e.g. quads and hamstrings). The warmth will feel as relaxing as it will stimulating. Sex and a spa day in one.
* SUBTLE: Try snuggling, naked, with a sheet in between your bodies. The friction it creates along the planar surface of your bodies will feel incredible.
* SUBTLE: Already done the deed? Let some warm water run over you both; it will hit already revved nerve endings on your skin, creating an ultra sensual cleansing experience that's both intimate and invigorating.


Cool It Down:

* OBVIOUS: Sometimes, colder is better. Try the old fashioned popsicle trick: suck on a popsicle before kissing your partner—the chilly sensation is sure to excite.
* SUBTLE: If popsicles are too cold, go for something more subtle, like mint tea—the paradoxical combination of hot and cold is mind blowing: warmth to start, with a cool down of menthol to finish: genius.

Tasty Tips:

* OBVIOUS: Play with food. Really, go ahead! Chocolate syrup is expected, of course, but what about making a trail of cookies (or brownies) along your body: edible trails to hotspots are a fun and tasty way to be intimate. Warning: there's no guarantee you'll get through all the brownies before getting too excited.

* SUBTLE: For more subdued seduction, try flavored body powders, or shimmers. Sephora usually has some in stock (we're a fan of the Cakebatter one). These shimmery treats look enticing and taste oh so sweet, and they're safe to place anywhere you want exploring mouths to taste.

Try Tingly:

* OBVIOUS: Use massage toys to give the feet, back, and hands (yes, hands!) a loving massage. Focusing on these areas brings bloodflow back to the body, arousing while relaxing, These are major pressure point areas in the body, and the electrical stimulation will help your partner get revved up for some action, sans the massager.
* SUBTLE: Get nerves stimulated with a "barely there" fingertip massage, focusing on tension spots and sensitive parts of the skin. Tracing fingers up and down the spine and side curves of the torso, barely touching the skin, creates an exciting sensation, as does blowing on the neck after a few I love kisses; the sensation of the wind on the moist skin is sure to pleasingly tease.