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Spice up Your Typical "Dinner Date"

Viva Caliente!

~It has been my experience that the dating world revolves around the mysterious aura of "the dinner date." Whether it's the magic of the night air, the allure of the late hour or the fact that most people are simply too busy to go on a date at any other time of the day, the dinner date has dominated the world of singles for decades.

But what was once a rare five-course meal at an equally lavish five star hotel has now turned into a slew of corporate and franchised chains where all the food tastes the same, and the experience is likewise, time and again. In fact, most couples establish their favorite restaurant and become regulars, frequenting the joint the same time, same day, with the same waiter, on a weekly basis. Is it enjoyable? Sure it is. But, the date falls short of what it could be. So, if you're one of the millions, myself included, who find they always opt for booth #7 at restaurant X, here are a few tips to help spice up your typical dinner date routine.

Always keeping entertainment in mind, here are five basic "categories" to consider before you choose your next dining destination:

1) COMEDY: If you love to sit back and watch good comedy, or what's more, enjoy attending stand-up comic routines, why not combine the entertaining evening with a meal?

Whereas most people do the dinner then the comic routine, there is the option of combining the two which is a) generally easier on the wallet and b) an easy way to make the actual dining experience far more enjoyable. If you're a Southern California native try the "Comedy & Magic Club" (Hermosa Beach, California). The cover is relatively affordable and the drink minimum is limited to 2. In Irvine, California, there's a great little place called the "Laugh Factory," which is equally entertaining.


2) MYSTERY: Some restaurants offer the classic "Clue"-esque style dinner experience. For a per-head fee you are provided with a meal and some interactive entertainment where you try to solve a murder mystery before the commencement of dessert. It's fun, it's social, and it's a unique experience you won't soon forget.

3) ACTION: For a slightly different atmosphere you can try dining at places like "Medieval Times" (if there is one in your area), or another Southern California favorite, "Knights of the Round Table" in Anaheim, CA. Again, the charge is per person, but once inside you are immersed in the timeless style of the medieval era, where knights and dames greet you from all corners. You are seated into arena benches whereby a "feast fit for a king" is provided for you. But don't expect silverware; you're expected to get down and dirty just as in the olden days by using the best utensils of all, your fingers. Meanwhile a "tournament" is underway where swordfights and jousting matches determine the best "knight of the night." It's a great place to take your date for a fun, light hearted, sometimes bawdy evening.


4) HORROR: Are you one of those people who love scary movies and ghost stories? Is your favorite ride at Disneyland "The Haunted Mansion?" Are you just plain gothic and have a bit of a soft spot for the dark side? If so, a place like New York's "Dr. Jekyl's" restaurant would be a perfect choice for a dinner date. With the whole place "doctored" to look like a haunted mansion, and the employees dressed as ghouls, ghosts, freaks, and spooks, your experience is one of an eerie good time. The best part is you can have your taste of Halloween no matter the time of year.

5) MISCELLANOUS: This last category is more of a myriad of options to help you climb your way out of your "ordinary dinner date" grave.

Dinner and a Dance- Some restaurants, like "La Parador" in Tucson, AZ, provide free dance lessons prior to the evening's scheduled dinner and dancing. At a decent price you can show up in your flashiest salsa outfits and learn how to salsa, mambo, and tango your way into your date's heart. An interlude with a wonderful Spanish meal is provided whereby a live band emerges and begins to play a music set where, once done stuffing yourself with flan, you hit the dance floor and show of those sexy Latin moves.


There are a lot of restaurants like "El Parador" (Tucson, AZ), that follow the same schedule, except the theme could be ball room dancing, line dancing, etc. No matter the style it's a great way to get cultured, and burn a few calories while dancing the night away.

Dinner and a Family Video - Instead of going out to dinner it's always nice to change things up. Try making a home cooked meal that consists of impressive side dishes. Nearly foolproof recipes can be found on a multiple of Internet sites including, which will have you cooking up a storm in no time. After dinner serve a modest yet tasty desert and bring out some refreshments while you treat your date to your favorite home videos; you know, the ones that caught you being a total brat as a kid? It's a sincere gesture that is both personal and adorable.

Dinner and a Serenade - You can either opt to research local restaurants that provide this romantic service, or you can choose to stay home and provide the musical romance. If staying at home, opt for the home cooked meal again. This time however, create a CD with romantic songs to help set the mood over dinner. Or, if you have been bestowed with vocal talent, woo your date with a little acapella serenade. The humbling gesture will be seen as completely romantic; brownie points for your own performance!

Dinner and a Cigar - This has become a booming industry as of late. Many of the prestigious restaurants are opting to allow pre-planned meals to be served with a selection of exotic cigars and wines that appear throughout the meal's progression. This type of date is a bit on the expensive side but it's a memorable experience and an opportunity to dine in style and panache like they did back in the day.

Dinner and a Movie - No, not your typical eat dinner then drive to the movie theater date. Again, this is all about combining entertainment with the meal. That said there are a few theaters that have turned themselves into "dinner theatres." Usually providing a viewing of second-run films, you can also enjoy your meal right there in the theater. Generally the admission is lower than a traditional dinner and a movie date so it's a great way to put a twist in the common option. Also (though at times hard to find), some towns still have operating drive-ins. With most who are in today's dating pool having never been to one, it's a great way to have a "nostalgic" experience. Try packing a picnic and bringing it with you to the theater. It's extra romantic and a great way to complete the date.


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