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10 fun ways to cure your Saturday Night Slump

Thousands, rather, millions of American couples have found themselves resorting to the monotony of 'dinner and a movie' dates for well over the past decade.  With reality TV shows further advertising their appeal, it seems this repetitive dating plan is the only thing daters are betting will make the night run smoothly.  But with theater tickets at an all time high, and senses dulled down by the repetitive rigor of the 'meal and matinee' bit, it seems Americans need a serious change in agenda. For those of you who are single, sexy, and have just snagged a date for this Saturday night, try to avoid the dull and predictable evening; it reflects your character, and that my friend, is the very last thing you want to put forward as a first impression.

With most major cities offering a slew of activities for lengthy 'after hours' it seems the possibilities are endless so long as you remain open-minded and adventurous, you're golden. Don't let the quaintness of a small town daunt your imagination.  Most often these smaller, 'middle of nowhere' places, are the perfect spot for an unforgettably romantic evening.  You simply have to know where to look, what to bring, and how to tie it all together.

Consider the following for some great ideas on how to spice up your Saturday nights:


Many Americans may boast that they enjoy art, but how many of them actually get out and visit the so-called museum?  Cities like Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, Washington DC (and more) are filled with hundreds of museums and memorials from the grand, to the honorable, to the memorable. 

Moreover, the smaller towns are usually host to several local art museums and annual art fairs showcasing small-time artists' work. 

If you plan on killing a full day at one place, these art fairs generally run all day and offer a myriad of crafts, food, and activities that you can bide your time with for hours on end.  Did we mention that tickets to the major museums are generally much cheaper than (or as affordable as) a dinner/movie date. You also get the chance to actually interact with your date during your experience.

Physically active that is.  Nowadays many people are forced to work long hectic hours at the office at least five days a week, leaving little to no time for exercise.  With health-conscientiousness on the back burner Monday through Friday, why not turn Saturday night into an evening of creative calisthenics?  Weather permitting, you can take a nice stroll down-town and sight-see like tourists, stroll the strands at the local beach, walk around the local lake, or go to a local park and play like kids.  All of these are 'romantic' dates that not only help with intimate interaction, but also with your health.  Moreover, if there's a certain class or activity you have always been looking to take, and your partner/date shares equal enthusiasm, try going to a beginner's class to help you get your feet wet. Not only are you and your date getting a great workout, but also, a good first-time experience will prompt you to return to the classes later, on your own. 

Taking your date to an introductory dance class, like Salsa, is a great way to get close and have some fun. The two of you can get acquainted during an hour or so of stepping on one-another's feet; the humor of this is a great icebreaker.  After you've mastered the basics you can generally enjoy hours of dancing free of interrogative instruction.  Sometimes these classes are offered at a restaurant for a minimal fee. After instruction, you dance, you eat, you drink, and you enjoy the live entertainment of a band.  It's really quite a nice treat.

Particularly in the larger cities, there are usually dozens of nightclubs to choose from.  After you take your date to a quaint bar/restaurant and enjoy getting to know one another over a cocktail or two, it's always fun to test the chemistry on a dance floor.  A nightclub is a great way to take the pressure off of a date by immersing yourself in a sea of people.  If things look like they're heading south, fear not, there are hundreds of other available people right at your disposal.  You're date will have no problem finding a distraction if it seems like this may not be love at first sight. However, if you and your date are hitting it off, chances are you will stay very close to one another throughout the night and enjoy getting personal when the music slows down.

If you really feel like exploring your creative side there are a lot of neat places where you and your date can actually hand-craft a piece of art together.  Places like Color-Me-Mine allow you to pick a piece of your choice (plate, cup, or bowl) and the colors you want to use, and then it's up to you to create your masterpiece.  Spice things up by offering to paint a piece for one-another as a way to remember the evening.  Or play a game and, after conversing about your likes and dislikes, challenge one another to paint a piece the other would like to add to their home. 

It's a great way to be thoughtful, creative, goofy, and romantic, and you both get to take home a present you made for each other at the end of the night.

That's right, ever notice how when you spot a carefree child you get that little pang in your heart.  You think, "I wish I was still young like that."  There's no better time than a date to bring out your childish side (pending the situation of course).  So, if you feel like being a kid again try going on a date to a family-fun center where you can ride go-karts, rock climb, go laser shooting, and play miniature golf all in one night.  Kids' screams of joy and high energy will set a great playful tone to your date.  For a fun twist, interact with the tots by finding a group of kids and challenge them to a laser shooting game with your date, or race a little kid up the rock climbing wall; it's a great way to be young, have fun, and the surroundings will tell a lot about a person's parenting potential at the end of the night, without even having a conversation concerning the topic.

If either you or your date is extremely shy this might not be the best pick for you.  But, if deep down there's a stage hog waiting to come out, then an evening of fun-filled karaoke could be a great option for your upcoming date.  Sure you and your date might need a little inspiration, say a Jack and Coke, or two, but it will only be a short time thereafter until you two are tearing up Sonny and Cher's 'I Got You Babe' with a gusto and flair that has the crowd begging for more.

If you have the extra cash and a date you really need to impress, a concert is always a great way to a) make a good impression and b) spend a nostalgic evening belting out your favorite songs being performed live by your idol.  Of course it's important to check with your date and make sure they actually enjoy the offer, but if they sound game then chances are the two of you are in for a great evening together.  For more mingling time, try getting together before the concert so you can actually have an intimate conversation without trying to scream over some mega-watt singing.  What's more, if you and your date seem totally incompatible, you can easily tune them out by simply tuning into the performance.  With a center stage attraction, your bad date will be a distant memory as you rock out to that 1980's hit Bon Jovi finally decided to perform live.

For a romantic twist, pack your meal in a picnic basket, along with a bottle of wine or champagne, and hit the road.  Some great meal choices are baked chicken, pasta salad, fruit, and two slices of cheesecake for desert.  Or, try pot roast, green beans and red potatoes, and chocolate cake.  These meals are well rounded and easy to pack into Tupperware containers.  What's more, bring two big blankets, candles and matches, sweaters for a drop in temperature, and a portable radio with a romantic song list.  With all your ammo packed and ready to go, you are on your way to a romantic evening for two, under the stars. 


If you decide to play it safe with the dinner and a movie regimen after all, try spicing things up by actually cooking the dinner yourself.  Chances are you'll not only save money on the meal, but you'll earn brownie points from a thankful date.  What's more, the setting is intimate, romantic, and (besides dinner) all you need are two candles and some wine.  After dinner pop in the latest blockbuster and enjoy a nice quiet evening staying in.  It's sentimental, it's comfortable, and it's loaded with potential.


The possibilities for your Saturday evenings are endless: All you need is the courage to be different and act on your creativity!  It's likely there's an idea floating around in your head that you've just been too unsure to try out.  There's no better time than now to test-drive your imagination.  So, the next time you have a date on a Saturday night, spice things up with your individuality and leave the theaters to the rookies.