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Ike is a preschool teacher in Bridgeport, Conn., and has a knack for flirting with single moms.

"Single moms have a lot of pressure on them nowadays," he said. "I like to flirt with them to help lighten their load a little…. I really believe they find it flattering. Plus, I have quite an extensive rose garden at home and love to give out fresh long-stems to an unsuspecting mom. It makes their day."

Ike is smooth and obviously has his flirting game down pat. However, he can get away with roses because he grows them. This makes handing them out a little less formal than if he had went out and spent a hundred bucks on a wrapped dozen. Roses send serious signals. So, hand them out for the special ones.


Leslie form Lexington, Kentucky, loves men to be like her martinis, doubly strong and with a dark olive complexion. She likes bold men and prefers ones with more refined sensibilities. Oh yes, they have to enjoy a stiff drink too.

“I like to unwind and be mellow,” she said. “Martini bars tend to be a little more elegant than a typical shot and beer joint.”

She makes no qualms about her technique of flirting with men at martini bars whereas she bumps into them and “accidentally” spills her drink.

“Yeah, I know that is pretty crazy,” she said, “But soon as I laugh, all inhibitions are out the door.”

Clumsy accidents are surely a weapon in the arsenal of all flirts, but it is one to be exercised with caution. You are best advised to avoid any deliberate spills that might result in a cleaning bill. Oh, and oil spills too. They are never nice either.

Doug, from Martin's Ferry, West Virginia, is a firemen. He claims he is an expert flirt by making extensive use of double meaning, or double entendres as they are called.

"I will ask a lady if she is impressed with my hose," he joked. "I mean if the laugh, I know I can continue flirting with them. If not, well, I will end it there and move on."

We remind you that double entendres are effective ways to flirt by making suggestive overtones to a female while stile maintaining a formal context. Be careful though, if a pretty worker asks for your "extension" and you answer "But we just met!" You may think it is funny, but she might be calling HR, who will be calling you about what you just said.

Daniele is a lifeguard in Myrtle Beach, and loves to flirt with men Oceanside. Hot men are, in fact, what she likes about working at the beach the most, while she pursues her degree in Marine Biology at Clemson University.

“There is no hiding at the beach,” she smiled. “If you’re cute, I will find you. I have special hot guy radar.”

Daniele has her technique down to perfection when she wants to let a man know she is fair game. She hooks her thumps suggestively through her bikini bottom at the hips. It just looks like she might yank them off. She claims it is fail proof. She does the “hooks’ and men swarm over like Sharks around a bucket of chum in the water.

This one needs very little explanation. Sex sells. Daniele knows this and so should you. “Come hither flirting” is bound to attract them all, but will they attract the right ones?

Matt is a goaltender for a semi-pro hockey team in Wheeling, West Virginia. He loves to flirt immediately after a game with locals in the arena lobby or even at the charity events he volunteers to do as a local celebrity.

“Women naturally seem to warm up to me,” he said. “I don’t think it is necessarily due to me playing hockey, it’s just I am open and comfortable in the public eye. Some women find that very appealing.”

We agree. Men that work in the public and are comfortable being there should count their blessings. You have ample opportunities to do some serious flirting. If you don’t work in the public then our advice is to volunteer for something such as planning for a 12K race. Now, suddenly, you are out in the public.

Jerri is a preschool teacher in Cobb County, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. She has learned great flirting techniques by modeling how she interacts with her young students and using the communication style on men.

“I know it is weird, but I realized if you talk to men like children they absolutely love it,” she laughed. “I don’t mean baby talk, but simply concentrating on them and asking them what is wrong and dotting on them for a little bit.”

Jerri is right about that. Most men never grow up anyway and so when you talk to them on the level of a preschooler you are usually talking directly to them at their level. Hence, you are bound to do well.


Harry is an automotive service advisor in Sand Diego, California, and loves to flirt with women when their cars are in his shop for some work.

“I guess I do flirt with woman when they are asking for advice about getting their car back on the road,” he told “I think it puts them at ease.”

Harry should resist the temptation to flirt when a woman is at a vulnerable spot. After all, they need your help. Our advice is to wait until “services are rendered” before you start flirting. This way you know her reactions are legit.

Yvonne is an aspiring underwear model in New York City. She loves to parade around her studio apartment in her "undies" and likes a guy that can make her look her best. She flirts with men by simply telling them what would like to do for a living.

"I am attracted to men that are into the visual arts," she said, matter-of-factly. "Not perverts or anything, guys that appreciate the visual beauty of the human form. Hence, that is why I like to model underwear."

We'll, any guys up for the task, you can see plainly what she has to offer. But what do you offer? Drooling over this hot babe walking around her apartment is not flirting. Instead, see her body like she sees it: art. There will be time for drooling later.


Cole, is a construction foreman in Colorado Springs, and a self-described “high-volume sperm donor.” He likes a woman who can handle his massive libido and what he's got in the “tool box.”

“I like to have sex with any many women as I can,” he said proudly to “Yes, I know many are put off by that, but there are a lot out there who aren't. I am a strong man and I like a woman that is into strong men.”

Cole will score well flirting simply because he is honest about himself and what he is looking for. Far too often men are not clear on the type of girl they want to flirt with and the flirting is disastrous because it is simply a bad match form the start. Still, he might consider going about his flirting business with a little more reservation and decorum. After all, flirting is about finding a like-minded gal, not conquering them.

Susan, from Waukegan, Illinois, shows off her killer legs by sporting an alarmingly short, schoolgirl pleated skirts. Wow. Unfortunately, Susan doesn't have the confidence to look a handsome man right in the baby blues, hence the lack of face time for this picture. Poor Susan.

Our advice to Susan is build up that self-confidence by doting on what it is you do well or what it is that you have well, such as those killer smooth legs and let that shine all the way up to your face.

Others that lack self-esteem can learn something as well here: we all have our shortcomings but never shortchange what's uniquely good about you. If you don’t know what is uniquely good about you? Ask your close friends and they will tell you.

Clive from Cleveland claims to be a “footsies” expert. Not only does he make flirting inroads with his feet he can also deliver expert foot massages to any wanting female in need of stress relief.

“I am really laid back and that puts women at ease,” he said, smiling. “I find that all women love to have their feet messaged. It makes them putty in my hands…”

Clive is right, but be sure you are messaging the right girl’s feet! See the movie Pulp Fiction for another take on the meaning of foot messages, which equates it with something else orally administered to a woman. Above all else, make sure Marcellus Wallace’s wife is not the one you are giving a message to. After all, it is hard to flirt when you have a speech impediment.

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