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Susan from Lexington, Kentucky, flashes a sultry look. "I am not sure what it is about men that insist upon boring me with the details of trivial things. I want excitement in life. I want someone who can fulfill my romantic passions," she told

How to be romantic? Think small things first, such as bringing her a flower with a charming note attached to it; or, simply complimenting her attire. Another big one is to notice her hair style and, perhaps most importantly, listen when she talks. Far too often, men simply don’t listen enough.


Vanessa a makeup artist in Manhattan , New York , is a self-described freak and a big fan of the swanky club scene.

"I want a man that can get us in the door at any club in New York ," she mused. "When the doorman comes out and sees how everyone is dressed, I want him to walk up to us and motion us in the door."

That is a tall order. If you are up to the task then you are probably already well versed in what it takes to roll with the Brad Pitts of the world. However, if you need help, don't despair. Not everyone is camera ready without a little help.

Assuming you have the money, call up a fashion consultant or hire a personal stylist. Start thinking in lines of cool names you can drop in her presence. It helps if you have cool friends.

George, form Cedar Rapids, Iowa, claims his humor is what enables him to be such a successful flirt.

"I guess I never had any problem getting close to women," he said. "I am a ham… I love to make people laugh, even at my own expense."

Yes, perhaps Jeff might not be the most buff guy in the world, but we at agree with him: humor is a definite way to rise to the top of the flirting world.

Many of the best flirts are the ones some would least suspect – guys exactly like George. We wouldn’t be surprised if he makes hot girls laugh all the way until their clothes are tossed on the floor of his studio apartment.

So use your best qualities to your best advantage; just like George does.


Alfred from Jacksonville, Florida, is the life of the party. He knows all the best jokes, all the best stories and has an exceedingly comedic flare to him.

“I never had problems flirting with the ladies,” he told “I guess women naturally warm up to me because I joke a lot… I am not even trying to flirt….my buddies get pissed.”

Alfred is a natural flirt. We cannot all be blessed with Alfred’s gifts, but we can study him to see why he is so successful flirting. This is good advice when you find yourself in the presence of a professional flirt, sit back and take notes. Put what you learn to good use later and flirt with what is left. You should see a noticeable improvement.


Archie is an ex-con in Boston. He drinks too much and is prone to the more than occasional bar fight. He is the type you are most likely to find having his house raided on an episode of Cops. He admits, he likes gutter balls.

“I don’t look for much in woman other than they want me,” he said, coldly. “We both have needs, let’s fulfill them.”

Archie went on to say that the only reason he doesn’t frequent houses of ill-repute is that it is too expensive. He would prefer to save the money. He claims his flirting is nothing more than a knowing look, followed by a raised index finger at which point he turns down toward his crotch area. He claims it works plenty for him. Pointing at “it” he claims, makes no false promises about what I am looking for, he said.

You have to make a decision in flirting, if you are interested in no-holds-barred hook-ups next to trash dumpsters, take his advice. However, if you want more (and you should) remember flirting is about sublet niceties, such a complimenting a woman’s hair, not in-your-face vulgarities. Archie is the kind of guy that should get lost.

Prithy, a database administrator for a computer consulting company in Alexandria, Va., loves when a man is politely cordial. "There is something to be said about opening a door for a lady or holding an elevator door until she is out or in," she told "Perhaps it is old fashioned and a bit silly, but it still leaves a lasting impression."

How often do you hear yourself say "thank you" and "please?" If not a lot, learn to say such things more often. After all, you don't have to look like Brad Pitt to have manners. You will beat out most better looking men that don't have these habits ingrained. You don't have them either? Start learning.

A good place to practice is with store clerks. Always thank them for their service. Soon it will seem unusual not to say something nice and she will notice.



Bret, a video producer from San Diego, is very formal and very quiet. He flirts by flashing mysterious looks across the room and loves maintaining a clean, crisp and elegant air about him.

"I don't feel I need to act like a buffoon to flirt with women," Bret said. "I work with a lot of models and they know what I am all about and that is making them look their best so I am naturally attentive to their needs."

Lucky devil that Bret. He is right about not acting like a buffoon when flirting. Nobody likes a complete goof—a goof yes—but not a complete goof. So, if you aren't funny and you have a set of dark windows, flash them and see what fish are biting. Then, move in for the flirt. And like Bret, be attentive. Women always appreciate an attentive man.

Carrie, a stock broker in Manhattan, is already twice divorced. She claims she has absolutely no luck with men.

“I don’t know what it is,” she said. “I guess men want me to be more accessible and with my career that is really tough to do. I wish I could meet a man that would understand that.”

Dating a career first woman can be difficult but rewarding in the end. After all, no matter how preoccupied a gal can be with her job, she will still need somebody to lean on when times get rough. That can be you if you are willing to put in the time. Proceed slowly and keep your options open, but in time, she might depend more on you than her busy 9-5.

Willie is a special events and promotions associate with a riverboat-gambling casino in Louisiana. Willie claims to bed more women more than the Serta Mattress Company does.

“Maybe because I work for a casino, I like to take chances with women that I sometimes think are out of my league,” he said. “But, I do well….”

Scratching another notch in the headboard is not necessarily something negative. After all, many women enjoy a good romp as much as the next guy does. Willie gets points for flirting with women he deems out of his league. You are the company you keep—it goes for flirting.



Paul, from Harrisburg, PA, sells luxury soaps for a living. Naturally, he comes into contact with a lot of women as most men reach for the nearest Bar of Ivory Soap when it comes to keeping clean and think nothing more of it. This is where Paul shines.

He is smart enough to know that to women a bath and shower are gateways to a world of relaxation, a stress free zone where she can unwind with a glass of wine, and be surrounded by votive candles and bubbles.

All men can learn something from Paul. A great piece of advice here is that luxury soaps can make great flirting gifts. Simply claim you picked some up on a trip and bought too much. Now, when she soaps up, she will be thinking of you. That can only be a good thing.

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