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Jasmine, a marketing manager from Raleigh, NC, has trouble flirting with men and just isn't sure why.  We evaluated her last flirting encounter, which she claims went horribly wrong at a bar. 

"We'll F-- him if he doesn't come right over and offer to buy me a drink or something," she said, angrily.  "I mean this one guy just stood there while I didn't have any money.  It was so embarrassing..."

Our advice to Jasmine and others that think flirting is a great way to get guys to buy you free drinks is to dump this tactic.  Most decent guys know when they are being put on and the days of men buying all the drinks are a thing of the past.  It also helps to drop the "middle finger" rejection.  Nasty cats like Jasmine always have trouble landing a nice man when flirting.  Don't be a nasty cat!

Naomi is graphic designer in Wading River, New York.  She describes her two-step flirting process to

"I walk into a room and look a man up and down with a very serious expression on my face," she said.  "Then I move my gaze from his shoes all the way up to his face. If I like what I see, I reward him with a wide smile. The shoes have to be as polished as the man's face."

In this method Naomi conveys she is discriminating, detail-oriented and yet open to flirting.  It comes as no surprise that she has much success with this flirting move.  So, if you think you're up for it, give Naomi's look-over method a try.  Just remember to make that wide smile at the end and to look for expensive shoes.   


Trisha is a single mom in Racine, WI, and loves to flirt with men at the grocery store.  She zeros in on the produce section where she is convinced she can find a man into healthy living who enjoys frolicking amongst organically grown tubers. 

"I think it is very important what we put in our bodies," she said.  "How could I put him into my body if he doesn't care what he puts into his?"

Trisha illustrates a great flirting technique called using your surroundings.  As the saying goes, you are the company you keep; as such a man is where he frequents. 

Put thought into your flirting location and you are likely to find someone that is into the same things you are - or at least someone who finds them just as important.   If you want to snare someone who's into keeping healthy, then be like Trisha and flirt in the health food section.      

Gretchen is a databank administrator in Chantilly, VA.  She's still looking for Mr. Right and feels it's only a matter of time before he comes along.  She's becoming more aggressive in her search by engaging in flirting with men she feels have a lot of potential.  In the past she would wait for them to come to her, but now she flirts on over when she sees a man she wants.  She does this in the spirit of leaving no flirting rock unturned.

"The big breakthrough for me came when I realized most men are as terrified about striking up a conversation with a woman as we are with them," she told  "I'm over that not now and will usually help a man along if he seems worth pursuing."

Gretchen is right.  Meeting new people can and always will be a nerve-wracking proposition.  But have confidence.  In all likelihood he will have as many doubts and fears as you, and you will come to see that

you are both in this together.  Flirt with that knowledge and your shyness will disappear.  Plus, did you know that shy guys are better in the sack? (We just made that up to help out shy guys.)  


Maria in Detroit, Michigan, comes from a strong Ukrainian family background and likes a man that appreciates her cultural heritage.  She volunteers at a local Ukrainian community club that puts on folk dances and other activities. 

"In my opinion if you want to find someone of the same cultural background" she said, "the best places are community events and ethnic festivals."

Use Maria's great flirting tip to your advantage.  If you know someone at work that is heavy into something like a Ukrainian background and there is a large Ukrainian community festival that weekend, then what a surprise it will be if you "just happened to show up" because their culture interests you?  This tip should work with any culture, and you'll be halfway to painting Easter eggs (also a famous Ukrainian tradition) with Maria in no time at all. 

Paulette is an advertising executive in Nashville, TN.  She likes to work the sex
appeal angle when flirting and does so by wearing form fitting complimentary clothes, like tight white shorts and tops.  This naturally draws in men, but she's not done.  She purposefully wears a look that says she needs some help.  Let's listen to what this virtuoso has to say. 

"To begin flirting, I act like I'm not quite sure about something... like I'm lost," she said, coyly.  "It is amazing how many men use this
as a cue to come over and ask me if there's something they can help me with."

Paulette uses a one-two combo of sex appeal and what we call the "damsel-in-distress" technique.  It doesn't have to be something major like a fire or the car won't start, it can be as simple as not knowing where the creamer is for the coffee.  Men love to help women because it makes them feel, well, like real men.  So to all of the ladies looking to land a man, we suggest taking a page from Paulette's notebook.  Just act like you need help.  A helpful man is sure to come to your flirting rescue.  

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