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I am down to earth and down with you, says Beth from Bakersfield, California.  Beth likes to stay grounded and looks for the same qualities in a man.

"I don't like stuffy men," she told  "I like a guy that will eagerly pick up a barrel and pick some fruit and vegetables before picking me up."

Said with much sweetness, we say.  To be like Beth, remember to look for man clues that they are down to earth.  Ask them if they like homegrown tomatoes or hydroponics.  Make a decision on the tomatoes and the man.

Tory from Toledo, Ohio, knows her way around Toledo dating scene, the trick is to flirt, meet a rich guy and split the scene no sooner than you can "yacht in the Caribbean."

"Okay, I am materialistic, but is that so unpardonable?" She asked

Not really, we say.  Materialism in moderation is what makes the world function, in a way.  We say that with one stipulation - materialism for the sake of material things is bad, but for the sake of flirting it is divine.

Rick is a commercial real estate tycoon and specializes in blockbuster deals, but is still looking for that blockbuster love.

"I haven't found the right person yet," he told  "The thing is I don't settle for small time.  I think big and that means I have to wait longer.  Even if it means I wait forever.  It will be worth it to find the right person."
Rick is driven and that's great.  Idealism canbe great when it comes to flirting, but the idea is that flirting is noncommittal.  You can take a chance on the underdeveloped property and find that great flirting deal that nobody else had the foresight to see.  It doesn't have to blockbuster from the get go, but you can make it that way.  That is the beauty of it.  So, don't be like Rick...take a chance while you're still young.


I am sad, vulnerable and I need you to hold me, says Lorie in her pajamas in Ocean Grove, California.

"It's an act," she told  "But, it's a well intentioned act.  I like a guy that can take care of a woman."

Rightly or wrongly, this is the reality of flirting.  Women like men that can provide a nice place for an introspective and stressed out hottie in her pajamas.  So, work on your career if you want to have a sleepover with Lorie.



Is she smiling at you or kissing you already?  "Yee haw" is how you'll feel if you get this look from Cassandra from Houston, Texas. 

"I pucker my lips at a guy I like and it is hard to tell if I am doing it deliberately, symbolically or simply physiologically to some hot wing I just had," said Tammy.

Did she say physiologically?  There is a sophisticated word for women that can doff her cowboy hat, blow a kiss, and still be ambiguous.  Men take note.  Women love to be ambiguous.  It brings out the boldness in the man.  Are you bold enough? 


Bob, an attorney from Saginaw, Michigan, Stays late at the office and his gals know this full well.  To flirt, he makes time.  This is not lost on the objects of his flirtations.

"I think a lot of women feel I am overworked as a lawyer," he said.  "It does mean something when I am there at the office at 10 pm and call them to see how things are... Naturally they feel important.

Great, Bob.  Making anyone feel important, no matter how, is a great way to make perpetuate the flirting process.  Flirting like that just might lead you to love.  Isn't that the reason we do this at al



I am looking above the glasses to really see the man.  However, he'd better not need glasses to see that I see him," said Lisa from Queens.  Wow, that's pretty deep. You better be prepared.

"I don't like easy reads," she said.  "They suck as bad as a second-rack paperback."

We're not sure that that means.  But, the point is - you'd better be hip to a little deeper understanding.  Women like a man that thinks more with is big brain than the little.  But, if we have to spell it out... you've already struck out with Lisa.

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