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I am not just drinking coffee, I am drinking to you, is what Caroline from Morgantown, West Virginia tells

"I think the eyes, coupled with the hands, say more than words could ever capture," said Meredith, a nurse at a hospital in Morgantown. "Holding a warm cup of coffee close says I want security.  My eyes say I want you."

You want caffeine and mascu-leen.  Good Caroline.  We could all pour a cup of your advice.  Men are great non-verbal receptors and may not be able to intelligently describe their flirting reflexes, but it will happen.  You can count on it. 


Clarence from accounting in a mid-sized Toledo-based company knows that the secret to flirting is to be well groomed.

"When it comes to flirting," he said.  "I start with the five senses checklist. How do I appeal in terms of how I sound, smell, look, feel, and dare I say taste..."

Nice technique Clarence and it is one we could all borrow from when it comes to flirting.  Sometimes we are apt to put all of our eggs in the look category.  Love is blind, but that doesn't discount the other senses.  You shouldn't do that either. 


Cheryl is an art gallery manager in Wichita, KS.  She loves to flirt with men by keeping a professional, yet sort of sexy look going at the same time.  She explains her best flirting tip to us.

“You see, I wear only high quality somewhat conservative clothing,” she said, smiling demurely, “but, I always lean in a little with my cleavage if I want to flirt with a handsome man.  If you've got it - you can’t be afraid to flaunt it.”

Cheryl is an expert flirter and perhaps that is no surprise.  She is an art store manager.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, flirting is an art.

Todd from Orlando, Florida, actually shows up. He flirts by establishing commitment and that is something that all guys can learn a little something from.

"Hey, when I say I will show up and take them out, I mean it," Todd told, "I am not just jerking them around."

Commitment is a word that scares men frequently. Perhaps rightly or wrongly so, but when it comes to flirting, mentioning commitment, as with any other endeavor, you need to show seriousness and lasting attachment.  I think we can all be 'committed' to those qualities, and that wasn't too hard, was it?

Tina is a horticulture services technician in Macomb, Illinois.  She loves to flirt with men by showing off her really killer and curvaceous body.  

“It's all about posture,” she confided to  “If I lean to the side, with my hands on the hips – maybe run my other up my leg ever so lightly – you get the message.”

The message is unmistakable: Tina knows that posture is critical to great flirting.  Be mindful of your posture and the messages you send. 

Gerald is a civic engineer in Boston, and has a big role in the Big Dig, one of the greatest civic works projects in America's history.  He claims to be as big of a flirt as the entire Big Dig.

"I like adding humor to the equation," said the intelligent Gerald.  "I do tell them that I work on the Big Dig, but that I really dig them.  It sounds cheesy, but  it's sure effective."

We agree.  Cheesy doesn't matter when it comes to flirting.  After all, it's the end result that counts.  Although, we're still sure that many Bostonian taxpayers are tired of waiting. 


Sheila is an event planner in Roanoke, Virginia.   Her favorite event of all is flirting with men.  She described in earnest a compelling technique. 

“I love it when I am dressed to the nines,” she said seductively.  “I lean in close and slowly turn my exposed shoulders to a man and give them a come hither glance over my shoulder.  Donna Karen (the designer) once said 'shoulders are timeless on women'.  They are attractive and age better than any other part.”

Sheila may transform the cold shoulder into the hot shoulder.  Most men would love to be shoulder to shoulder with her flirting game.

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