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Over the shoulder and I got you, says this quick turn and glance by Emily, a fashion buyer from Fairfax, Virginia. 

"Flirting from a woman's perspective is about catching the thief," she told  "You know the man, he might even be with a girl, but while she is turned the other way, so is he: right at me.  I let him know that he is busted and is not at my mercy."

God, she's good.  Practice this move by sauntering across a public place and unexpectedly turning for some reason that really doesn't even need to be plausible.  You just might bust somebody and they will then be at your flirting mercy. 


Raj is a computer programmer for Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.  He's working on a PhD in Artificial Intelligence (and also in Flirting, if you ask us).

"Intelligence can be very attractive when it comes to flirting," he said, surrounded with all of this high tech gadgetry.  Knowledge is power and power is desirable."

Not only is he a computer science brain but a would-be philosopher, too.  A touch of philosophy makes for some fiercely intelligent flirting and you don't have to be robot to figure that out.

Just enough cleavage is more than enough cleavage says Chloe from Boulder, Colorado. 

"You don't have to be busty to show a little sizzle," she told  "Lean forward more than usual and you'll usually get a guy to dip his head down for peek.  When he does that, he's all yours."

Okay, men are easily hypnotized by some cleavage.  It's a cheap but effective way to initiate some serious flirting.  It might not be for you, but it mostly likely will be for him. 


Chen is a serious dramatist in Milwaukee, and doesn't take flirting lightly, like most other things. 

"Fast and loose is sloppy to me," he said.  "In my dramas, there is always serious bent... because to me, life is serious."

We have extolled the virtues of a carefree attitude elsewhere on and we still do.  That doesn't mean the serious gear does not have a place.  It does.  Just with the right woman. 


I don't say a whole hell of a lot, but I sure know how to have a great time, says Michelle, a bartender in San Luis Obispo, CA, who plays the flirting game close to the vest.

"I like to look playful," she told  "However, that is a little bait and switch on my part, because I can be a hell cat."
Okay, Michelle.  We give you credit.  The bait and switch may be a low tactic in the world of rampant commercialism, but when it comes to flirting all is fair, as they say, in the arena of love and war.  Still, those looking to emulate Michelle's success, be wary.  Such tactics can mean short lived flirting if the man doesn't submit. 

I am cold, hold me, says this sexy look for Sheila, a magazine writer living in Vermont.  I want to be kept warm and that shows when I flirt with a guy, she told us.

Hey, you have to use props to the best of your ability if you want to land the right man," she said.

We agree.  The way she holds the cup of hot cocoa says a lot about her.  She is cold and needs to be kept warm.  That is appealing to man's natural caveman instinct to keep the tribe warm.  Practice this look and you will have cave men like Fred Flintstone buying you the next cup of hot chocolate.

Gary is a single father in Detroit.  He flirts with ladies after picking his son up at school or while taking him to the park. He thinks the responsibility he demonstrates goes a long way with the opposite sex.

"Single mothers see that I am a responsible caring dad and I think that impresses them," he said. "Plus, I never want my kid to be an issue. So, why not put it right out there in the open that I am a single father and have responsibilities?"

Well put, Gary.  If your son grows up and learns a thing or two from you, he'll surely be the consummate ladies man.  Like father like son, as they say.

"I need a message - oh, and a man too," says Kelly, a really cool chick coming off of a stupid boyfriend He simply couldn't see the forest for the trees, (or rather the nookie he enjoyed each and every night of the freaking cold winter in Chicago).

"I like to relax at the end of work," Kelly told  "I like a man with sensitive hands.  The hands are sexier to me, then the... well, you know..."

Guys, take notes you dufi (we are not sure that is the plural of dufus, but it should be).  The point is that women are sensitive to man's gentle touch.  This is the real reason why piano players are sexy.  It's the nimble and delicate fingers.  Fingers that work wonders. 

Easy does it, and easy does Emily. Her carefree attitude is her source for great flirting, she told confessed to

"I think guys really like gals that are easy going and unconditional," she told

We couldn't agree more.  Conditioning is good when it comes to lathering your head during a shower, but while flirting it can leave you with flees. 

Not the kind of fleas you are thinking...flees - like guys fleeing for the door!

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