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Larry is a freelance photographer in Roswell, Georgia.  He loves to take photographs and his hobby has grown into a source of significant income. He claims he flirts well by taking a picture of a woman and then telling her he can send her a copy of it if she likes."

Hey, I take a lot of scenic pictures," he said, smiling.  "Sometimes a pretty gal ends up in my
shoot and I offer them a pic as a courtesy.  They usually give me their email address or phone number if it all goes well."

Way to snap to it, Larry.  He is creating a need for a future encounter and if there's any agreement on her part, then Larry is in.  You can score, too, by mimicking his great technique. 


Hank is a highly successfully business account executive in Matthews, North Carolina.  His company is very formal and serious but Hank has a knack for lightening things up a bit by acting silly.  He claims it works great with the female coworkers.

"I do something silly to start the meeting off," he said.  "For instance, I will bite the flip chart if I don't like the numbers.  I usually make some joke about it or say something funny."

Lightening things up is always a great way to develop flirting.  Hank knows that often great flirting starts with some open and humorous approaches. Hank is no exception. 

Gretchen is a regional director of a non-profit in Mobile, AL. Many of her friends claim she looks exactly like Jessica Simpson.

"I guess I have a passing resemblance but I would like to leave it at that," she said.  "I think men just see an attractive blonde with nice legs and that's what draws them in."

Gretchen plays on the celebrity factor.  Hey, why not?  If you look like somebody famous you are bound to draw more attention.  It can be used to your advantage, at least until the paparazzi start following you around and ruining all of your flirting chances.  But, by then, you'll be rich anyway and can put up with it. 


Terri from Tacoma, Washington, is a social services coordinator and spends the greater part of her day advising single mothers and troubled teens.  Sometimes it can be a bummer.  However, she never misses an opportunity to flirt outside of work and in doing so she uses the look-over-the-shoulder technique.

"I walk past a man with a little saunter in my step," she said, demurely. "Then, if I think I've caught his attention, I'll turn in a quick second and bust him looking at me.  I only turn if I want to flirt.  If not, I keep on going."

Great.  When you are busted flirting you are busted.  Men that are busted are like putty in your hands - just ask Terri. 


Daryl from St. Louis, MO, is an IT manager at a major manufacturing company.  He puts people at ease with his laid back demeanor and this translates well from the business world and into the flirting one. 

"Hey, I know what you stress a system out it crashes," he said.  "Flirting is the same deal.  Take it easy and it all will go well."

Great advice, Daryl.  Let him rewrite your flirting program and you will notice Improved flirting performance.  Guaranteed.



There is popular song by the Black Eyed Peas called "My Hump," and Lisa in Allentown, PA, loves the part where the female vocalist, Fergie, begs the question, "What's you gonna doe with all that junk... all that junk inside that trunk." Lisa knows exactly what she is going to do with all that junk.

"I think a man likes a sexy woman that can move her trunk," she said invitingly.

We agree.  If she can shake it and it's worth shaking, then by all means make the men drunk with your hump... or, however that song goes. 


Keith is a produce manager in Minneapolis, MN, and is very health conscious.  He says this trait services him well in terms of longevity and flirting.

"Hey, women like a guy that can take care of himself," he said.  "I don't know too many gals who would prefer the fat slob to the guy who is mindful of what he puts in his body."

We agree with Keith.  Taking care of yourself is the first step toward taking care of someone else.  If you don't have it together, she will definitely notice. 


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