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Lorraine is a counselor in Novato, California, and in her spare time she likes to flirt by simply laying on her lawn and catching the attention of any would be hot guy that might be in the area.

"I like to be laid back and noticed," she told  "You can make yourself noticed by simply being still in an unorthodox way."

Lorraine is right.  Sometimes sitting in a different way will draw attention, like putting a leg up on the chair next to you like it is an ottoman.  It will especially work if you have a skirt on.  You get the point.  Don't blend in, blend out, like Lorraine. 


Chelsea is a business consultant in Princeton, New Jersey.  She is always on the go and finds herself working at cyber café's quite a bit.  As a single fox, she doesn't mind one bit.

"I could choose to work in a place more private," she aid.  "But, I like a little chaos when it comes to my work environment.  I also like the flirting I can do in public while I am working.  I am multi-tasking my personal and business life.  Hey, whatever works?"

Chelsea is correct.  Business and pleasure is not always an either or proposition.  Oftentimes it is both.  Just ask Chelsea.

Brendan is an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas.  He likes to use his talent to flirt but there alas, there is a lot of competition in Vegas.

"Seems that everywhere you turn there is another Elvis," he said, apparently all shook up.

The King shouldn't despair.  Sometimes you have to go where there is less competition.  We are sure he takes his act on the road sometimes and when he does, he should work the Elvis angle pretty hard in some convention in, say, Seattle.  We think Brendan would get a much more positive flirting response to his unique hobby and pastime because of the lack of other Elvis competition.

Then, he won't have to stay at the Heartbreak Hotel all by himself ("Since my baby left me... I found a new place to dwell..." okay, we really suck at singing).

Hillary is a ski instructor in Denver, and her biggest flirting tip is to engage people in tasks and not to flirt passively.

"When I am giving a lesson," she told "I am very hands on.  I show people things by taking their hands - that's if they are cute - and I ask for a lot of feedback."

You can tell she is a ski instructor.  She may as well offer flirting lessons between her skiing ones.  Flirting is about two-way communication.  It is stimulus and response.  Not stimulus and let's shack up.  (Well, sometimes it works that way, but don't count on it.)

Keith from Noblesville, Indiana, is a truck driver who likes flirting with women as he drives his truck down the highway.

"Without fail," he says, "When I happen across a group of gals that want me to honk my horn. I oblige and they smile."

He further said that when he sees a familiar vehicle that passes him at a rest stop, he'll take the time to park the rig and go say hello.  It usually surprises them, but he gets many a number by doing this.
"It doesn't matter if they're out of state," he said.  "I drive a truck.  I can be anywhere in a matter of days."


Freddy from Santa Monica, California, is a very laid back dude and plays it easy come, easy go with the ladies.  He has no qualms or inhibitions when it comes to striking up conversations with them no matter where they might be.

"For on thing," he told  "I hate waiting rooms.  If I am in a waiting room be it for the dentist or to have a colonoscopy, I will find somebody to flirt with.  Hell, you only have so much time on this planet."

That's a good point, especially if they discover something during your colonoscopy.  We give Freddy credit for making the most out of every situation that comes his way.  Great flirts know that it doesn't matter where you are when it comes to flirting.  In fact, sometimes the most boring environments, such as a waiting room, make it painfully simple to flirt. 


Jasmine is a record producer in Seattle, Washington, and finds she is constantly seeking out new musical talent.  It is the best job in the world, according to her, because she gets to flirt with guys.

I have the blessing of having a job that puts me into contact with a lot of nice looking and musically talented men," she said.  "Sometimes I could take my pick."

However, Jasmine should be mindful of the ones that are looking for a little action or the ones that are looking to get on a label.  Then again, she might be okay with that.  But, always make sure they are flirting with you and not simply trying to get ahead, or head, for that matter.  (Again, you might be okay with that.)



Corbin from Gadsden, Alabama, is all about clean cuts and clean track records.   He's a college student with aspirations on teaching one day at Alabama University.  His specialty is philosophy.

"I don't try to work to hard at flirting," he said.  "I like things to develop naturally and I really mean it when I tell them I like to talk about the meaning of life.  Heck, I wrote my thesis on it."

Philosophers have a leg up when it comes to flirting. The reason being is they come built in with an appreciation of what it's really all about.  And a good philosopher knows it's all about flirting.

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