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Hank is a corporate training specialist for Berkley Premium Pharmaceuticals in Cincinnati, Ohio. He loves to give gifts shortly after a successful flirting episode with a woman.

“I think it (gifts) catches the woman off guard and shows I am serious too,” he said. “I want them to know they are appreciated.”

Hank recommends simple gifts at first and so do we. In fact, stuffed animals and corny gifts that cost less than ten bucks can go a long way to showing her you care. If you’re not into cornball gifts, then burn a CD of her favorite songs. It all shows she is on your mind.

Jasmine, a voluptuous dark-haired knockout from San Francisco, loves a man that can make a woman's heart melt. "I definitely like handsome men," she confessed to, " …but the ones that know how to sweep a girl off her feet always find a special place with me."

Easier said then done you say? Not really. Put her needs first and beat her to the punch. If she having a really hard day? Offer to give her a back rub. If she doesn't have the time to cook a decent meal, do it for her. Get the point? Be a step ahead of her game.


Melissa is a divorced movie production assistant in LA who claims to have had a romp with Charlie Sheen at one time. She likes younger guys might but can't seem to find one that can handle her voracious sexual appetite. She claims to have a thing or two teach any coming-of-age stud.

Whoa. These types can be tough handle.

You need to know exactly what you want out of the relationship and this is all about communicating your expectations. How do this? Simply spell it out for her. Ask her probing questions like where she expects to be in five years. This is a good technique to discover what her priorities are. Then, if you are satisfied, be Charlie Sheen for an hour and go to work.

Rick, a package handler, from Little Rock, Arkansas, feels that sometimes women are less receptive to his flirting because he is, in his own words, “a pretty hot dude” and they are intimidated by his good looks.

I guess we would agree, but perhaps he might want to avoid such self-promoting descriptions. One would be inclined to view him as a tad conceited. That never helps in the flirting game. In some ways, he suffers the problems of super models everywhere: “It’s tough being this beautiful.”

Maybe so, but come down to earth a bit and your flirting skills should, conversely, shoot to the moon.


Sheila, from Quincy, Missouri, like’s a free sprit not afraid to try new things. “Life is an adventure,” she told, “I want someone I can explore it with.”

When it comes to dating be prepared to do a little experimentation and be open to new things. After all, such is the beauty of the dating experience; you never know where it might take you. Be open to the possibilities and wary of preconceived notions of what a date should be and how a relationship should progress.

Debbie, from Springfield, Missouri, wants to meet a man who is family oriented. "I like a guy that maintains close connections with his relatives," she said. "I guess I am old fashioned in that sense, but for me, it reminds me of my family and I can relate to man that has strong family ties."

What she is saying that if you have family, you are established and dependable. So, if you have family and you don't talk to them much, maybe it is time to reconnect. Nobody wants a loner for a partner. After all, dating is about expanding the social network so the bigger yours is, the better. We suppose then to some, size does matter.


Jennifer, a pharmaceutical sales representative in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is incredibly active and is attracted to men that can keep up with her high energy lifestyle.

“If you can't run a mile without having a heart attack,” she said, “then it simply isn't going to work. I have a rule of thumb when it comes to dating… if you can't run a 14K, then you better have 14K to spend on me,” she joked.

Tip to men: daily jogs are a great way to meet single women. Take note of the ones you see often as they are probably situated in that area. Our unofficial opinion is single woman tend to go out in the public for exercise due to the inherent opportunity to socialize. Think about it: a married woman juggling a career, 1.5 kids, and a husband, will be lucky to have 20 minutes of Pilates in front of the tube let alone time to run at the park.

Oscar is a financial advisor and life insurance salesperson in Hyannis, Mass., and has a passion for sailboats. He loves hosting boat parties at the local dock, where he plunders like a pirate as a flirt.

“Something about being near the ocean on a clear day and watching the sun go down gets me in a flirtatious mood,” he told “I sit down next to any lady and strike up a conversation about what’s going through their mind and it is like we are best friends.”

Oscar is a romantic flirt and is successful because there is a hopeless romantic in all women. What Oscar does well is flirt with woman when their imagination is at is most romantic, such as watching the sun go down from a sailboat. It helps to have a sailboat too.



Paul is a home security analyst in Chicago. He is deeply suspicious and overly paranoid when it comes to the opposite sex. He knows his flirting suffers because of it but is not sure how to put his suspicions out of his head. After all, it is his job to be skeptical.

“Soon as I meet someone and the flirting is going well,” he shrugged, “I blow it by getting real nosey into their life…. I question them about everything…”

Paul has trust issues which are not helped by his profession, an industry built on mistrust. He can begin to improve his flirting chances by paying attention to small acts that reinforce trust. For instance, if she said she was going to call him and she did, well that is something he should keep in the back of his pocket when his doubts are beginning to creep up. The same goes for all: let trust develop naturally when it comes to flirting. Rarely, are there greater ulterior motives other than he or she simply wants to get to know you better. That’s not such a crime, is it?

Ben is a dentist in Anniston, Alabama.

Sadly, Ben rarely smiles and hence has little luck in flirting with women.

"I am successful and would like to think I have a lot to offer," Ben mused despondently, "but, nothing ever seems to come of my flirting encounters."

Do not let your profession get you down. Staring at gum disease all day long may leave Ben disinclined to show off those pearly whites, but woman love a ceramic white smile; Ben got one, but never lets it show.

We can understand if you do not have a nice set of whites, but Ben has no excuse—he is a dentist for crying out loud! He just needs to practice his smiling.

So go ahead, smile, and if it you need to whitewash the yellow, you have no excuses either. There are plenty of teeth whitening kits available for under $30 bucks. Time to paint those pickets white.


Gwyneth, from Boulder, Colorado, likes to strum a guitar every so often. She loves men who are into music as much as she is. “I like guys that can kick back and bang out a tune or two…,” she told “I guess it has something to do with jazzing things up a bit.”

That’s nice but don’t force yourself to something you aren’t. After all, if you sound like a cat getting strangled when you sing and she insists upon getting close to a real crooner, then it might not work. The rule of thumb is to simply be you and if that doesn’t work, move on. There are other songs in the juke box.

Victoria from Boise, Idaho, finds meeting a man that can deal with her violent mood swings challenging.

"It's not that I always fly off the handle," she said to, "But, sometimes I will admit, you never know when I am having a bad day and might take it out on the cat."

Now, perhaps that is a bit exaggerated, but dealing with females varying mood swings can be a challenge. Remember though, not all times will be as good as the greatest. The true determination of whether the relationship can survive is if you can endure the challenges with the great. So, don't rush to judgment when thing go south and they always will. Think of a rough patch of turbulence on a plane ride. It gets bumpy at times, but the most important thing is you are still flying.

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