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Stan "the man" is a development editor with a small press in Dedham, Mass. Far too often, he drops the ball when it comes to flirting with woman.

"I do well when I introduce myself," he says. "However, from there it all goes to shit."

Yes, he has a cool sounding nickname, which makes him sound like he is "in demand," something that is always a prized flirting quality, but where does he go from there? He could not explain to us how it “all goes to shit” and maybe that is his problem, he cannot articulate.

Articulation is a tool you can sharpen. Practice reading magazine articles aloud. Be mindful of how every story has a beginning, middle and end. So should your flirting. Good intros are only a start; there needs to bee meat and potatoes after the aperitif.


Jarrod, from Philadelphia, is the biggest flirt in his department at a northeastern cable TV giant. However, he seems to “change channels” quite quickly when it comes to flirting.

“I am not sure what it is about me,” he told, “but, I always feel that I am missing out on that other thing, while I am with this thing.”

First of all, our advice to Jarrod, and anyone that thinks along similar lines, the objects of our flirtations are not “things.” Rather, they are people. As such, they should be treated accordingly.

Click through the channels to your heart's delight at home, but if you want to have someone to share those channels with, then learn to focus on what is great about the person you are flirting with now. Same advice goes for all.

Keisha from Orlando, Florida, is seeking a man financially secure and independent.

Success in career pursuits can be plenty attractive to a woman. Most women like a man that can bring home the bacon if needed and far too often many men sell their accomplishments short. What you do might not sound as impressive to you, because you do it every day. So, don't be afraid to blow your horn a little. However, if you don’t have a job, get one fast and be good at it too. It helps.


Keith calls himself the classic wedding flirt. He loves going to weddings and flirting with anyone and everyone, up to and including the bride.

"You never know when the bride might be back on the market," he joked.

Keith is wise to take advantage of weddings as prime opportunities to flirt (with exception of flirting with the bride perhaps).

Weddings are great opportunities to put your flirting skills front and center with many women and cute bridesmaids all thinking about commitment, love and relationships. However, the challenge is that most people attend weddings with a partner already, but there are sure to be a few singles and they will invariably be in a highly desirable flirting mind set.

Ashley from the London in the United Kingdom is looking for an international man of mystery. She is particularly attracted to Americans and would like to start an online pen pal relationship and then, perhaps, see where things go.

"I like a cultured man who knows a little bit about what is happening in the world," she told "It helps if that man is well traveled but that is not an absolute."

This is the day and age we live in. Who knows where you might find dating bliss? If this cup of tea has your name on it, then make sure you know a little bit out what is going on in the world. Follow the news, read some blogs. Tip! Almost every major media outlet has a website. Find one centered on her country and read about what is going on right in her own backyard. This will surely impress Ashley.


Natalie from Boca, Florida, cools off by pouring ocean water from a conch down her cleavage. She claims she has trouble meeting Mr. Right. All too often he is a man more in to himself, then her. That we find hard to believe!

Such a beachgoer exhibiting “Let's Tango” body language can be intimidating to the more reserved singles male. Our advice here is sometimes it pays to be bold; after all, no risk, no reward. But, what if your bold skills are not quite up to the task?

Start with coworkers. Instead of making a request for some office supplies by email, walk over to your manager, look them in the eyes and make your request verbally. Keep doing this when you can and you will slowly sharpen those dormant interpersonal skills you never knew you had. Then, you might be halfway from having Natalie pour water from conch on you!

Sean from South Bend, Indiana, is a Java programmer with a software design company. He is very quiet and sometimes is timid when it comes to the art of flirting.

“I am very into my work,” he told “I know it probably does not sound that interesting, but I really derive a lot of pride custom fitting programs to our clients needs… Object Oriented Programming is not just a buzz word to me…”

(Oh, jeez… we’ll just have stop Sean there.)

However, Sean is not as bad off as some might think. It would appear he is a highly laidback type of guy and smart. A lot of women feel a good-sized brain is every bit as attractive as a good-sized… Well, you fill in the blanks.

Our advice to Sean is to work that brain! And likewise, our advice to all shy but intellectual males: embrace the geek inside you! You just might be surprised at how successful you will be at the flirting oriented programming language.

Laura, a front desk attendant at a beach front resort in Hawaii, is looking for a man who would like a little exotic mystery in her life and ring her bell for a change.

"I like to be kept guessing in a whimsical sort of way," she told "I find it sexy when I don't know all the cards the man is holding. I don't like men that I can figure out right away."

How to do this? Here is a pointer: when talking about things you do, don't explain it all. Leave some mystery in some simple facts. For instance, tell her about the time you were amazed at the majestic beauty of the Yellowstone Park from the viewpoint of a helicopter. Immediately, she will wonder what you were doing in a helicopter in Yellowstone. It helps here if you actually have a helicopter. It also helps if you been anywhere close to Wyoming.

Danforth is an aspiring playwright busing tables in New York City. He claims to have no luck flirting with many of his restaurants wealthy clientele.

“I don’t’ know what I am doing wrong,” he confided to “It’s not like I am spilling the water pitcher when I fill their glasses.”

Danforth misses the point of commonality. This is to say, “Flirts of a feather flock together.” Now this may seem to contradict our advice to “league up” when you can, and as often as you can, but Danforth is working for tips. It is hard to come off as a good flirt when you have a tip tied to the result. It is not impossible, but tough.


Valerie from Cleveland is a widower. She is looking for a meaningful relationship, preferably with a like-minded professional in her age bracket. Valerie works as a staff accountant for a Big Five CPA firm and is looking for someone that can both balance their life as well as a check book.

"Before my first husband contracted Salmonella form a boiled hot dog he bought on a lunch break and died, he was always on top of things and that impressed me," she said. "I like a man that has his day organized."

You have to ask yourself are you Mr. Dependable? If interested, you have to impress her with your organized and sane life that you can offer. Drop bits about how your portfolio is doing or comment on your stocks. Don't have any, move on.

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