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Veronica is a book worm and loves to flirt at libraries in Pittsburgh, PA.  She has a surefire technique when it comes to flirting at the stacks.

"I simply act clumsily and run right into someone with my nose buried in a book," she said smartly.  "Then, it's buried in their chest."

We love it when shy girls are bold.  She surely doesn’t need to read flirting advice.  Boldness and intelligence are a winning combination in the flirting game. 

Teresa from Philadelphia, PA, loves the early morning fresh aroma of coffee.  She flirts with men while standing in the window of her studio apartment. She checks out the guys that walk by in the morning.  They often look up at her as she smiles, while she sipps her coffee deliciously.

"I see the men who routinely walk around my block to the subway," she said.  "I think they know I'm up here. I get waves sometimes, too, and I think it's due to the satisfied look on my face as I sip my coffee."

Very nice technique, Teresa.  We're sure that you seldom share a cup of coffee alone.  The tip here is that natural comfort in your surroundings makes for great flirting. 

Tara is owner of a gift shop in Province Town, Cape Cod.  She flirts with customers all the time who on occasion are just coming up alone to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. 

"I love helping men pick out local art that they might be interested in for their office or home," she said.  "I don't know how many times I am asked to dinner after discussing a painting."

No surprise to us.  Tara is a natural conversationalist.  This works wonders while flirting and when you steer toward topics on which you are an expert, hopefully your flirting will be on equal footing. 

Jerry, a steel drummer for a Caribbean band based in St. Petersburg, FL, loves to flirt with women by showing them how enthusiastic he is about everything, from life to the arts. 

"You have to have rhythm when you make music.  Likewise, when you flirt you have to have rhythm as well."

Well done Jerry.  We like your flirting rhythm. 

George, a computer salesperson in Chicago, loves to flirt with women by being shy.  He claims it has never failed.

"I just kind of smile and let them do the rest," he said.  "I think it helps that I am well put together and dress fashionably."

He is right.  You don't need to say much if you exude the sweet smell of success. 

Quincy is a dental hygienist in Hartford, CT, He knows, perhaps better than anyone, that the smile can be the ticket to a great flirt.

"I don't say much – just show those pearly whites," he told  "I must confess, I won't flirt with anyone that doesn’t have a pretty smile."

He is picky, but winners at the flirting game can afford to be choosey.  So smile pretty, Quincy might be watching. 

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