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Bobby from Topeka, is always brooding like he has a plan that might be going as well as he hoped. 

"I like to keep them guessing a little bit," he shared with  "I think it's goodwhen they don't have you figured out quit yet.

We agreed with him.  A sense of mystery is worth a pound of gold when it comes to flirting.

Antonio from Tucson, Arizona, has a hot head and wonders why he can never develop a lasting relationship.  His flirting goes well because he is easy on the eyes but after that it all goes to hell.  Sometimes he claims, during flirting a guy might bump into him and next thing you know, there he goes breaking a bottle of bear of the fellows head. 

Good grief.  Hot heads need not apply to the game of flirting.  If you find yourself having anger issues, get them addressed long before you are ready to flirt.  You are doing yourself a favor as well.  Since, there are some that actually can give as well as they can take.  Avoid those ones.  It will save you the headaches. 

Rachel is fashion buyer in Boston, who loves to sit back and have a nice cup of green tea at a local coffee and tea house.  When a man sits across form her and strikes up a flirting conversation with her, she immediately asks questions about him and gets him talking.

"There is a two fold reason I ask them questions," she said. "First, it keeps the mystery alive about me and it lets them know that I am interested in them."

Great tip, Rachel!  Guys love to talk, and when you open the doors for them to chat you're letting them do the flirting work for you.  Now, it helps if they have something interesting to talk about.

Warren from West Plains, MO, describes himself as an average guy with not a lot of hip appeal.  However, he claims he's very friendly and caring and that works for him when it comes to flirting.

"I think we should all care more about everyone else," he said.  "You don't have to be drop-dead gorgeous for me to take an interest.  Yes, it helps.  But,

God knows I am no day at the beach."

Warren elevates his own appeal by charmingly lowering his guard.  Women like a man they can be comfortable with and one who appreciates what they have to offer, especially if they aren't close to being a supermodel.  Warren flirts in his league and for that he does well.  


Tia is a sexy single plying the club scene in Manhattan, and all the swank New York Clubs.  She always has that dreamy faraway look that mesmerizes men like a moth in a bright summer light.

"A sexy look is timeless and that is all I need to do," she said confidently.

  She gets great flirting mileage out of knowing what her strengths are as a flirt.  Oftentimes we are unaware of what they might be.  If you are, ask some close friends what they think they might be and then go heavy on those qualities the next time you are playing the flirting scene. 



Gary from Jackson, Tennessee, is nother waiting room flirt but he does poorly.   His problem is what we call "too cool for flirting school."

"I don't think I'm a cool dude," he said, confidently.  "I am a cool dude."

Gary is a douche bag.  Flirting endears a certain humbleness - but only if you do it right.  Gary simply just doesn't get it.  Nor will he ever get it if he continues on this coolest guy in the world gambit.  Cool people never say that, even if they know they are.  Those that do that, are done when it comes to flirting. 


Mike is a maintenance engineer at a large high-rise in Manhattan.  He's responsible for keeping the residential buildings' heating ventilating and air conditioning in order through New York's hot summers and cold winters.

"Women seem to welcome me nicely when I show up to fix something," he said.  "I am beginning to think they like it when things break.  I won't complain.  More work is more paychecks."

Mike is right.  Women like men that are handy.  This means they can provide security and this is always a great quality when it comes to meeting and flirting with women.


Vince is a lawyer in Fredericksburg, Maryland, and is not only upwardly mobile but pretty much mobile all the time.   He doesn't have a whole of time to flirt, so what he does is take his work to public places where he can also be exposed to flirt.

"If it's nice outside," he said, "why not go get some work done on the courthouse steps.  I get fresh air and good looks at fresh legs."

No need for an overrule on this by us.  We agree.  Not only is he putting himself front in center and creating a great opportunity to flirt, he's also showing that he's in demand and probably does something important.  We might suggest asking Vince for advice when it comes to flirting, but he probably charges a lot by the hour.  At, we give it away. 

Forrest is a dour high school senior in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  He's very quiet and brief when it comes to speaking with anyone and he claims that he does all right meeting other girls with his approach. 

"They know that I'm serious," he said.  "I just don't know about what.  But, when I do, I know I am serious."

Seriously, he needs to lighten up a bit.  But, we must keep in mind this is high school and not the real world.  Hence, in high school a different set of flirting rules apply for classmates.  Seriousness works well because most kids will be apt to be goofs, but once he graduates we suggest he lighten up a bit and have fun flirting.  Flirting can be serious at times, but it more serious fun than anything else. 

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