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Tony from Philly is always running late for his planes and dates.  He claims he misses the bus more often than not when it comes to flirting.

"What should I do?" he asked us.  "I make every effort to meet up with women and get something on board for next time, but 'next time' I'm always running late or have to cancel because of my dumb job."

You described your problem better than we could, Tony. 

Flirting is about timing and having time to flirt.  If you're always running for your train you will always be running to flirt and that's never good.  Women don't like to run, Tony.  They like to slow it down. 

Jumpin' Jimmy from Johnston, PA, is a happy go lucky man who always has something to smile about and has seemingly found a never-ending well spring of good luck.  After all, last year he won a fireman's raffle and landed himself a new Ford F-250. 

"I just need to find the right babe to share it all with," he said.  "I want to ride my F-250 across the country and soak in all the sights.  I just need someone to enjoy it with me.  But, when it comes to flirting, my luck always seems to run dry."

It's not that his luck runs dry when it comes to flirting.  Flirting is not really about luck (okay, it is to some degree).  Flirting is more complicated. Understand?  You have to be thoughtful and conscientious when flirting if you want them to jump in your F-250 and head on down Thunder Road with you, Jumpin' Jimmy.

Rex from Houston, Texas, is a marketing rep for a major oil company.  He spends a lot of time listening to high powered oilmen about business strategies and maximizing profits.  He knows when it's his time to speak.  This serves him well when it comes to flirting, or so he claims.

"I really don't say a whole lot to flirt with women," he said.  "I think women just like to talk and have someone to listen to them.  I am like hearing them describe their lives in detail to me.  I find it interesting."

And women find him interesting, too.  He listens, so it should come as no surprise that women love to chit-chat away with him to their heart's delight.  Listen like Rex and you'll see what we mean. 

Mateo from Rio Rancho, New Mexico, is a big fan of Tex-Mex cooking and claims to be one of the best this side of the Rio Grande.  He cultivates his passion for cooking by teaching cooking classes at the local community college.

"Food is very intimate and I think it brings this out in the people that attend my classes," he said.  "I can't keep track of all the people that meet each other while I teach them how to cook a good meal."

Mateo is right.  Hot cooking can lead to some spicy flirting.  Women love a man that can cook.  It shows both a nourishing side and to some degree, cultural refinement.  If you love to eat, take a class.  Mateo will be happy to teach you how to add spice to both your dishes and your flirting.

Chester from Rawlings, Wyoming, has two looks.  The first involves jeans and a white tee; the second, jeans and a black tee.  He wears both tees well and the ladies seem to love how fills them out.

"I like to dress very simple and let my body sell me more than what I have on," he said, confidentially. 

Chester will do well because no one will argue he doesn't please women the way he fills out his tees.  But, he might expand his flirting horizons by jazzing it up a bit and adding a little more versatility to the wardrobe.  We're not saying Chester is predictable, but he should be careful.  Predicable, when it comes to flirting, can be very boring. 

Derek from Traverse Bay, Michigan, claims he is the best air guitarist at the local Pizza Hut where he works as a cook.  He's developed his skill while sweeping the floor at the end of the night.  Others began to notice how good he was and it lead to some serious flirting with one of the waitresses.

"Any signs of musicality," Derek said, "always impresses the chicks.  Even it if it's not a real's a start."

No surprise that Derek moonlights from his job tossing pizza dough as a guitarist for a local garage band.  He had dreams of hitting the big time and saying good bye to the pizza-making business.  And sometimes air guitar or even a humming of his favorite song, can show that a man can entertain himself.  If you show you can entertain yourself, you can entertain her. 


The M-A-Double-T (or Matt) is a hip hop rap artist in Dearborn, MI. He says that all flirting "biz-natches" (or the "b" word) need to line up at his crib if they want to ride his jock.

"Yo, if deez biz-natches want my bling," he said, rapping.  "Then if day wants my ding-dong. First I'll knock on dem hoe's booties..."
Okay, well wait for the CD on that one.

Matt's approach might be fine when he's in the presence of some real biz-natches down with the whole hip-hop scene.  But, let's hope that's what he wants because we simply don't see him appealing to any upwardly mobile biz-natches who probably make more bling than he does.     


Bill Campbell, from San Antonio, Texas, usedto "rob, steal and gamble," or so he tells the ladies.  This is actually a line from a Johnny Cash song Bill likes and he uses it every so often because his name is actually Bill Campbell.

"I say hi I am Bill Campbell," he said, with a smirk.  "They ask me what I do and I say "I rob, steal, and gamble."

Charmed, the ladies are smitten with his rugged good looks and his inviting and fun pick up line.   They ask him if he still does those things and he answers yes.  He's gambling that they'll fall for it. They do.  A bit gimmicky, but when you tie your approach in with playfulness, good looks and humor; you're not just gambling with your flirting but rather, you're making a sure bet. 



Kirk the Jerk as the ladies call him (unbeknownst to Kirk of course) has an approach with the ladies where he holds his fist close to his chest, smiles and pops the thumbs up to the babes in hopes they'll just come flocking over to him like he was the reincarnation of skinny Elvis.

Okay, Kirk, we will give you credit for sticking to your guns when it comes to flirting, but if the ladies are calling you "Kirk the Jerk" then it's time to reinvent your approach and loosen the thumbs up. 

His flirting is clearly thumbs down.  Don't be a jerk.  Don't do it like Kirk.

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