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Dominic is part of a Mexican horn ensemble at a cheesy themed Mexican restaurant in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Usually it's just a thankless job where he leads the "happy birthday" song every time someone informs management of such a momentous occasion.

"I end up singing with couples mostly," he said.  "But, every so often it's a group of girls either from work or taking their girlfriend out for a night on town.  If this is the case, I will flirt by asking them if there are other songs they wish to hear.  It works like a charm."

Dominic underscores something we harp upon (no pun intended) repeatedly.  Musical ability is always a great instrument when it comes to flirting.  If you have any talent whatsoever or want to learn to play an instrument, now is the time.  Especially, if you want to flirt well. 


Cory from Beaumont, Texas, is a walking Marlboro Man and women just fawn over his wholesome American cowboy look.  He doesn't have to do too much and the ladies all look toward him like they're longingly reading a magazine add for nicotine addiction. 

"He's so hot he should come with a surgeon generals warning," one female flirt said about him.  "But, he seems to just want to be friends."

Some guys get it all.  He's successful, handsome, well-built and is a very nice guy.  Too bad for the ladies that he's gay.  He avoids flirting with ladies at all costs.  Yet, when he wants to flirt he says his cowboy hat is the key at the gay bars.

Cory is just himself and that is what probably attracts as many women as men.  Gay or not, be yourself and you can flirt like the Marlboro man.


Vanessa is a residential operations manager in Brookhaven, New York, on Long Island.  Her number one tip for flirting is to send clear signals to men that you are available for flirting. 

"To me nothing sends a stronger signal that I am ready to flirt than by the clothes I am wearing," she said.  "If I'm wearing something revealing, you shouldn't have to take a take a hint.  I don't want you to look the other way."

Vanessa is bold and confidant and right on the flirting money. Your clothes send strong signals about your views on sexuality, you should be aware that affects how a man perceives your intentions.  This can be good, but not necessarily.  There are, after all, a lot of pervs out there, too. 


Tim from Herndon, Virginia, is a rock climber and has no problem flirting with the women.  He simply mentions in conversation that his hobby is rock climbing and that is all that's needed.

"Women like athletic men," Tim told us, confidently.  "I mean at least the good looking women do."

The point is that a hobby is every bit a selling point when it comes to flirting.  Women are particularly attracted to guys that are into outdoor stuff like rock climbing or sailing.  Playing a musical instrument is a big one, too.  Not so popular hobbies are role playing games, video games and magic tricks.  Somehow they all seem to scream nerd.

Emily is a director of a museum in Greenville, SC, and in her spare time she plays the violin, sometimes as part of the local orchestra.  She is passionate about her music, job and her flirting and it shows.

"When I do something I loose myself in the process," she said, artistically. "The same goes for flirting, too. 

Who wouldn't want to make beautiful music with a hot number like Emily?  The bottom line is people are attracted to other people that have passion in their lives.  By extension, it only means they will be passionate about you as well. 



Josh from Sandia Heights, New Mexico, is a claims adjuster.  His tip for flirting is to "adjust to your environment." 

"Basically, you want women to feel comfortable around you," he said.  "You have to be like a chameleon in that regard. If you are at the mall, shop.  If you are at a library, read.  Chances are that others will feel more comfortable flirting in return while in their natural habitat."

We agree with Josh.  When you find a woman in her element, it helps if you share some interest in the subject as well.  Listen, be versatile, and be on the look out for women that like men who know where they are and where they are going.

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