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Terry is calm and collected in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and likes a soft-spoken woman to talk with during the evening hours.  He flirts by simply staying the course until she's exhausted and ready to sleep.

"I like to talk as much as women do," he confessed to  "That seems to be a big plus when it comes to flirting."

We should all hear him loud and clear.  Something's are more important to men, than women and vice versa.  Terry is attuned to that.  He knows women like to chat more than men and he gets more ring than anybody. So if you are a guy and a woman you are interested in is talking your ear off, remember you can Tivo Monday Night football.  It will be there tomorrow, but will she? 

Brad from WVU is a Morgantown Crazy and Mountaineer fan.  His exuberance for tailgating all areas of life serves him well when it comes to flirting, even with girls that don't like football.

"I love football," he says. "That, however, doesn't mean they have to - They have to love me and that is it."

His open mind is something that would make any flirting pro agree that here's an 'All-American' flirting type.  Have fun and show other people a good time and everyone will flock to you.  They might not like the same things you like, but when it comes to flirting it shouldn't matter much.  That might change when you get married, but for now enjoy the fun in life at a tailgate party like Brad.



Nick lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, and is the CEO of a major farming conglomerate.  He stays grounded by remembering his routes as a farmer. Still single, he likes a woman that knows a thing or two about running a farm.

"Hey, I am number one in my field," he said. "That usually draws a laugh, but I like a women that knows what farmers have to endure.  It isn't easy."

Nick does well by rooting his success in his hard earned past.  Nobody begrudges someone who is successful in navigating the 'American Dream', so long as they know where they come from.  Do you know where you come from? If you don't, find out and you can plant a seed for a great flirting crop the next go around. 

Greg from Kansas City, KS, was a stockbroker who is now a teacher.  He claims the more stocks he brokered the "broker and broker I got." 

His humor is disarming and clever when it comes to flirting.  We are quite convinced he has plenty of nuts squirreled away in his extensive portfolio.  Why else would he be so happy and so carefree all of the time now?

Having a playful outlook with life's occasional setbacks (and we all know there are plenty) is the key to long-term success.  Perhaps that's why Greg smiles so often because he knows this special nugget of flirting wisdom.  Flirting is a long term investment and it's never wise to sell yourself short. 


Frank, a mechanic from Fairfield, West Virginia, suffers from an unsightly waistline, which he says is the single most hindrance to his flirting.  He feels his enormous beer gut has steered away many of a potential flirt. 

"Let's face it," he said.  "The hot women don't like guys with big gigantic bellies, unless their name is Santa Clause.  I've even heard he's lost a lot of weight lately."

We would remind Frank it's mostly his attitude toward his gut (although it is freaking huge, Frank) and not the reality of his gut itself.  After all, we are reasonably sure Frank isn't trying to land a supermodel (let's hope not).  Our main advice to Frank, and anyone else that suffers from unsightly blubber and wants to get rid of it, is to do it for your health and not for flirting reasons, per se.  The healthier you are the more flirting energy you will have.  Trust us on that.

Seamus is urologist from Davenport, Iowa.  He has a wicked funny sense of humor evidenced by when you ask what he dislikes about his profession he answers, "I work with a lot of pricks."

"I like women that are down to earth," he said.  "I'm not extremely materialistic.  I like a woman that's not flashy nor interested in fancy cars, even though I have several, and two big houses, one for each coast."

Seamus is serious when he means he wants a women that is cool with the every day pleasures in life - quiet walks, reading by a fire, star gazing and the occasional multimillion dollar tourist trip to outer space.  He does well because he does not ask a lot in return for his flirting and perhaps surprisingly (although not to us) he gets a lot in return. 

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