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Too much makeup is Cory's primary malfunction, as she's a dingbat living in Silver Springs, MD. 

"Sometimes I think I over do it with the makeup," she confesses.  "I just try to look my best.  You'd think guys would understand I do it for them."

Most men don't like to apply paint thinner to see what your face really looks like.  Ease up on the drugs, too.  Obviously, this woman must be on something to use that much face paint. 

Sherrie in West Moreland County, Pennsylvania, is too cheap for plastic surgery.  She likes to walk around and pull back her face to imitate the look of a face lift.

"Guys like women with nice, tight skin," she told  "I can't afford it.  So, I cut some corners."

She can't afford it?  Men, like women grounded in reality. If her insurance doesn't cover plastic surgery, perhaps the mental health benefits are good.  Crazy and nuts can be fun, but not like this.  

Too hard to get around town, especially the windy city of Chicago, Illinois, says the dominatrix, Ms. Chains. 

"I like being tied up and engage in some good role playing," she said, "however, I still want to meet a nice guy to flirt with and maybe bring him home to Mom.  I just can't get out of all my chains."

What happens in the bedroom is your business.  Many guys would be okay with your bedroom dungeon but if you want you're flirting to land a guy you can bring him to Mom, and then dial down your medieval fetish.

Bob claims he's not mad, but is he sane?  He's a truck driver in Bowling Green, Kentucky. He oftentimes looks like this, but claims he really doesn't feel this way.

"I guess it is from driving my whole life," he said. "It is like I have permanent road rage."

Nobody wants to date a guy with permanent road rage.  Worse yet, he has permanent problems if he can't see that he needs some serious anger management.

Pedro's red nose - I don't know about you, but we're just not feeling the humor from this stupid and pathetic clown from San Diego, California.

"I was told I come off as dry and boring," he told us, whilst almost putting us to sleep. "So, I got tattoos and wear a clown nose sometimes to show that I am a fun guy."

He's not a fun guy. He is fungi - flirting fungi.  Sometimes they do creep up like mold.  Our advice: douse with some Clorox and move on

Pete claims to have no luck flirting.  Maybe because he looks like a perv? Pete doesn't see this problem.

"I walk kind of upright and study people closely," he said.  "It's just the way I am."

Well perhaps he should aim for the next "Matrix" installment and use that as flirting calling card.  At the very least, he shouldn't put his hands on his pants like that.  Don't hold your dork in front of any lady, they don't like it - at least not in public.

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