Flirting With Disaster
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The man with no face... literally, this is the front of Jimmy's head. Jimmy lives on a farm near Roswell, Arizona. Hmmm

You see, it may well be that Jimmy is really a quasi-formed alien from another planetary system. How else could you explain his lack of a face?  He might have a career as a freak-show exhibit on, but not in flirting, that's for sure. 

Stan's studio apartment is just some kind of hole he made in a crack-house in the middle of a down trodden area of a St. Louis, Missouri. 

"Hey, I don't need much," he said.  "You would think I would meet a girl not so stuck up she could see that? But, I can't."

Stan you sleep in a freaking wall.  What woman would be impressed with that?  You need to upgrade your crib big time.

Screw me silly, says Sally from Orlando, Florida.  She likes to do it with the cast of fantasy characters from Disney films.

"There's just something about a well toned guy wearing a big rabbit head just shagging the happy ending out of me, it's the best," screamed Sally.

For goodness sakes.  She may like "Alice In Wonderland", but most decent guys are not looking to star in a film called "Alan In Alice In Wonderland."  'Disney-ality' is illegal in every state except Florida and California. 

We suggest to Brianna in Portland, Oregon, that it's time to lay off the Botox.  It's not uncommon that she sometimes heads on out to the club scene straight from the doc's office with syringes stuck to her face.

The idea behind cosmetic surgery is that it's cosmetic, not catastrophic.  Nobody likes a girl with syringes stuck in her all over the place, not even most drug addicts.

A little too Goth!  Hey every generation deserves its counterculture and maybe it is the enlightened ones here that don't know much about the Goth scene.  So be it. 

But, really, what luck can you have flirting with a skull wedged between your knees, let alone one with blood on it?  It looks like you just gave birth to a fully grown dead man.  Maybe that's the point?  Goths should flirt with Goths, very rarely do they crossover in the world of mortals.

"Can you tell I'm nervous? No? Good," says LeRoy from Detroit. He looks like he has a red hot poker stuck up his bum and loves every minute of it. 

Keep in mind all those goofy muscles in your face that show more prominently when you're under a lot of stress or enjoying an occasional red hot poker in the pooper.  Try to be mindful of your facial expressions.  Or, better yet, have the poker removed.

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